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What Will you Do When Something Goes Wrong at Your Wedding...

You have planned your wedding to the nth degree. The color scheme, the food, the wardrobe, the flowers, the sparkle – oh, and the groom is there too. You have envisioned your perfect wedding day and planned it down to every detail. My question to you is what will you do when something goes wrong at your wedding?

As a wedding planner, I have coordinated and celebrated hundreds of weddings. I can assure you that at every one of those weddings, at least one thing has gone wrong. It may be something simple like the caterer didn't add the pine nuts to the salad. Or it may be as big as the bride getting the stomach flu during the reception. But I am sorry to tell you it's an inevitable part of having a wedding with many moving parts, different vendors, and intricate details. And weather...but that's an article for another day.

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