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The top 7 things you MUST do before hiring a wedding vendor! Written by Jenna Thayer

Hey readers, Jenna here-- I hope your new year is off to a great start! Wedding season is just around the corner so I am sure your are in the throes of full on wedding planning! 

As a professional wedding planner,  common questions I receive from our clients are "Who should I hire to be my DJ, florist, officiant, photographer, videographer/cinematographer, baker, etc.?" These are certainly questions I am eager to answer.  

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Why Weddings In the "Off-Season"can Still be Beautiful...

Hey Readers, Jenna here. I wanted to take some time today to tell you why having your wedding in the off-season can still be beautiful. Most of us dream of a wedding in the summer months to make sure that weather is beautiful, among many other things. Today, I'm going to focus on informing you why having your wedding in the off-season can be just as beautiful and beneficial to you and your pocket book.

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