What to Do If it Rains on Your Wedding Day...

You envisioned your picturesque wedding day with sunshine, blue skies, and white clouds. In fact, you wouldn't be upset if there were deer frolicking in the background. However, now you take a look at your wedding weekend forecast and it is calling for some rain.

No need to worry, there is a silver lining in this forecast. However, you will need to make some adjustments to your plan especially if the outdoors were a big part of your wedding ceremony or reception. With some proper planning your wedding day can still go off without a hitch...well asides from the obvious "hitch." 

1. Back-up ceremony location - If the plan was to have your ceremony outside, have an indoor back-up space selected at the same venue, if possible. Set a cutoff time with your venue of when you will make the rain call to pull the ceremony indoors and stick with that time. We recommend three hours prior to the ceremony. This gives the staff at the ceremony site a strategic plan.

When you are making the call, keep a few things in mind. Will your musicians play if it is wet? Some musicians with string instruments won't risk bringing their instrument out in a little sprinkle due to the damage it would cause. Next, consider your floral arrangements. Are they hearty enough to handle a quick downpour before the ceremony? And of course, think of your guests. Although this is your day, in the eyes of a guest, they will always choose comfort over beauty. 

If you do change the location of the ceremony make sure the directional signs for your ceremony have been rerouted or assign someone to guide guests to the new location. Also as soon as possible, have your wedding coordinator or a friend call your vendors (e.g. officiant, florist, musician, photographer, videographer). This is very important, as you don't want to lose valuable time with vendors if they go to the wrong location. 

2. Make your decision based on advanced technology - When making the decision, refer to weather websites that use live radar. This way, you can see the location of the storm and see exactly when and where it is moving. If your venue has a golf pro shop on-site, it will likely use an advanced system to track weather, so you may want to ask them for assistance.

3. Always remember your guests - If you decide to have the ceremony outdoors despite a few measly drops of rain, have umbrellas available for your guests near the ceremony location. You can ask a few of your troops to go in with towels about 30 minutes ahead of time and wipe off the seats of the ceremony chairs. This will prevent having grumpy guests later…

If it is raining and you are inside, ask your ushers to escort guests from the car to the building with an umbrella. Also have Kleenex towels available for ushers to hand out to guests to pat themselves dry if they do get a little wet.

4. Have a plan for your pictures - If you encounter a torrential downpour, stage an indoor area in a unique way for your wedding photos. These photos can turn out really cute. If you have a local photographer, they might have a connection to help you set up a great photo opportunity in a nearby indoor area (e.g. greenhouse, museum). If you are brave enough to take some rainy pictures, buy a clear umbrella for you and your groom and some bright colored rain boots. You can also pick up some multi-colored umbrellas for your bridal party. This may result in some incredibly unique shots that will tell the beautiful story of your wedding day.

Photo credit: Kristina Lorraine  kristinalorraine.com

Photo credit: Kristina Lorraine kristinalorraine.com

5. Don't let rain ruin your day - Remember, the way the bride and groom handle themselves on their wedding day dictates the tone of the wedding. Keep yourself positive and upbeat, even if it's not how you imagined. In ten years from now you might not remember if it drizzled on your wedding day but you and your guests will remember if there was an appearance of a bridezilla. 

Even better, in some cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered a sign of abundance, fertility, cleansing and a long and happy marriage. This is a great test for marriage, as marriage has rainy and sunny days (and I am not talking about the weather). It is how you handle the rainy days that make the sunny days even greater!

6. Catch the rainbow - With the right weather conditions there may just be a rainbow or a double rainbow. Catch a picture with that rainbow and enjoy a beautiful end to your wedding day story!


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